Dream of Venice: The winner is…

This morning, I printed out the names of all the people subscribed to the Italy Explained newsletter. The early adopters got printed twice. Then I conjured my kindergartner self and cut out fringe-like strips of paper, dropping them into a big salad bowl.

"Dream of Venice"

“Dream of Venice”

I quickly learned, as I swished more than 100 pieces of paper around, that the bowl wouldn’t do – paper kept falling on the floor. So the strips got dropped into an empty trash can.

With a final dramatic swirl, I drew one piece from the bin, and I’m happy to announce that:

The winner of the “Dream of Venice” book giveaway is Marilyn Russell of Orlando, Florida!

Congratulations, Marilyn! I hope you love the book as much as I do.

For everyone else whose name was in the proverbial hat, thank you so much for entering – and if you’d like your own copy of the book, it’s available on

From start to finish, the Dream of Venice drawing

From start to finish, the Dream of Venice drawing

2 responses to “Dream of Venice: The winner is…”

  1. This is so awesome. I can’t wait to get my book! Have a wonderful holiday season!

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