Easter in Florence: My Videos & Photos

For years, I have read about and seen videos of the Easter celebrations that happen each year in Florence, and seeing the shenanigans in person was high on my to-do list.

Last year, I finally made it happen.

I’ve collected the best of the video and photos I took that morning in the video below, which I hope you enjoy. Apologies for the unsteady video and uneven images; I was mostly holding my camera up over my head, so I couldn’t really see what I was shooting. I am a small person, and it was super crowded, y’all.

The background on what the heck is going on here, including how old this tradition is, is in my original article: Easter in Florence – so go read that first if you haven’t already.

And learn more about Easter in Italy while you’re at it!

4 responses to “Easter in Florence: My Videos & Photos”

  1. Nice video, but for all the pyrotechnics, I like the oxen the best.

  2. Denise Mayer says:

    They certainly know how to celebrate. Lovely.

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