7 Favorite Instagram Pictures from My Italy Trip

Choosing only a few images to call out as favorites from the hundreds I snapped during my recent Italy trip isn’t easy, but if I limit the pool to only the ones I shared on Instagram it gets marginally easier. Marginally.

Here’s a look back at some of my favorites from the Italy Explained Instagram feed. Which one is your favorite?

Are you following me on Instagram? Stay tuned, because I’ve still got scores of photographs to sort through, edit, and share. Keep the Italy images coming in your feed!

Sunset Over Assisi

When I arrived in Assisi, my friend Rebecca lamented the cloudy weather. “I’m afraid you’re going to miss out on an Assisi sunset,” she said. “They’re really special.” But the cold winds that bit at my nose and ears while I walked around on that hilltop eventually pushed the clouds away, so that a few days later I walked into an empty piazza and saw this. None of my photographs of that sunset do it justice. Not a one.

Easter in Florence

I’ve wanted to see the Easter celebration in Florence ever since I first read about it more than 10 years ago, and on this trip I finally was able to make the schedule line up. It took an hour of standing in an increasingly-pushy crowd to see the payoff, but – boy, was it worth it.

Granita di Caffè at the Pantheon

The weather at the start of my trip was definitely more on the chilly side of things, but spring gave way to much warmer temperatures by the end of the month. Locals blamed the scirocco, but all I knew was that it was hot. A granita di caffè from Tazza d’Oro, typically thought of as a summer treat, was absolutely called for. It’s just handy that my favorite building in Rome is just outside the door.

Spring Has Sprung

Italy was in bloom everywhere I looked, but the blossom that says “spring in Italy” more than any other to me is wisteria. If you’re not careful, you can probably actually get tired of seeing pictures of wisteria vines cascading over walls, so popular is the image among Italy photographers… And yet? Here I am with mine. I think the reason I love this one so much isn’t just the wisteria, but the graffiti (so Roman!) and the cat.


I took two similar pictures in Orvieto, both overlooking the same small square, of groups of old folks having a chat. They’re the photographic definition of a favorite Italian word, “chiacchierare,” which means “to chit-chat” and has the added bonus of sounding like the noise chickens make. The ladies get together in the square, too, but I particularly loved watching this group of guys, imagining what (or who) they were gossiping about.

The Colors of Venice

I had never before taken a gondola ride in Venice, but on this trip – with family in tow – it seemed like a good idea. I’m not sure I’d ever do it again, but it was a lovely diversion at the time. It also gave me a chance to snap this picture, with all the colors of Venice in one frame: The red and gold of the flag, the enameled black of the gondolas, and that otherworldly color of the water.

Art Restoration at the Vatican

We all hear about art restoration on tours through Italian museums, but I’ve never actually seen it taking place in front of me. During the tour my family took through the Vatican Museums, I saw this woman doing some touch-up work in the gallery of maps. It was such a cool moment, to see an historic piece of art being kept whole and vibrant for future tourists like me to see.

Did you have a favorite picture from my trip? Let me know!

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