Italian Festivals Calendar: Updated for 2015

Il Redentore, Venezia || creative commons photo by _topo_

Il Redentore, Venezia || creative commons photo by _topo_

As I’m working away behind the scenes on Italy Explained, there are pieces of the puzzle you may not notice if you’re just reading what’s delivered in the newsletter or posted to Facebook. For instance, did you know I’ve got a list of Italian festivals and holidays on the site?

Italy has plenty of national holidays, and every town and region has a good deal more holidays and festivals on top of those, so there’s a good chance you’ll cross paths with some kind of event during your Italy trip. Sometimes that’s a good thing – there’s nothing like seeing a place decked out in its festival finery (especially when the celebrants have been wearing similar getups for hundreds of years), and local celebrations give visitors a chance to see a different side of Italy. But holidays can also cause problems for travelers who aren’t prepared for them – less frequent train service, closed signs on shops and museums, and roads blocked for parades.

Knowing about important dates on Italy’s calendar before you land in the country can make all the difference between finding the charm in a festival and being frustrated because a festival is keeping you from your schedule. That’s where a good look at the Italian holiday calendar comes in.

I’ve updated my calendar of Italian holidays and festivals with 2015 dates, as best I could find them – some festivals that change dates every year aren’t as forthcoming about future plans as I’d like them to be at the start of the year, particularly when their event isn’t until the fall or winter. This will give you a good idea of what to look for as you’re working out your itinerary, however, and will point you in the right direction when you need to look up more detailed information later.

Are there any Italian festivals or events you especially want to see? Any you’d take great pains to avoid?

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