Italy Explained: Getting Out of the Office

Italy map by Daniel de La Feuille (1640-1709)

Italy map by Daniel de La Feuille (1640-1709)

I’ll be out of the office for a bit, because one week from today I’ll be landing in Rome.

I’m going to be in Italy for about a month on this trip, and I wanted to let you know for a couple of reasons. First of all, if you’re sending questions via email or Twitter or Facebook or leaving comments on the site, it may take me longer than usual to get back to you. I’ll have internet access pretty much everywhere I’m staying, but I’m not planning to spend much time hunched over my computer if I can help it.

Because Italy.

That said, I will be posting photos to Instagram and, through that app, to the Facebook page and Twitter feed for Italy Explained, so those social media destinations are going to be great places to follow along with my trip if you want to add some Italy images to your day. (And who doesn’t?)

I’ll be in Italy by myself for about half of my trip, and for the other half – the middle half, if that makes sense – I’ll be traveling with my boyfriend and his family, some of whom have never been to Italy before. We’re hitting all the highlights as a result, and we may even get to see a particularly special Easter celebration while we’re there.

I’m more than a little excited.

There are old spots to be revisited, and new territory to explore. And, perhaps most wonderful, there are many, many friends to see.

So, head over to the following sites so you can follow along with the trip, and I’ll be back to my usual desk in early April!

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