Italy Travel News: April 14 – April 20

Here’s a round-up of the latest Italy travel news and information for April 14 through April 20:

  • Mediterranean migrant boat tragedy: Death toll could rise to 950
    Tragic news. With continued unrest in places like Syria, Egypt, and Libya, and human traffickers jumping in to take advantage of the vulnerable, the crisis of migrants attempting to reach the EU (often by way of Italy) will likely just get worse. And because there isn't an EU-wide policy for dealing with migrants, countries are left to their own devices. The patchwork of laws usually doesn't help migrants, and places a huge burden on border countries.
  • Turin shroud goes on display for first time in five years
    More than a million people are expected in Turin between now and the end of the exhibition, June 24th. The Shroud of Turin has only been on display five times since 1933.
  • Episode 61: Getting Educated About Italian Wine with Hande Leimer
    Our guest on the latest episode of Eye on Italy was born in Istanbul, married a German, & ended up in Rome with such a passion for Italian wine that she shifted her whole life to focus on it. Wine doesn't have to be intimidating, & Hande Leimer is the perfect guide to get you started on a discovery of new wines on your next Italy trip.
  • Centuries of Italian History Are Unearthed in Quest to Fix Toilet
    In yet another example of, "no matter where you dig in Italy you find another civilization underground," these folks never got around to opening the trattoria they wanted to – they've opened a museum instead, featuring all the things they unearthed when they tried to repair the sewage pipes.
  • Francis announces new global jubilee, the Holy Year of Mercy
    If you're already planning ahead for a 2016 trip to Rome, take note – Pope Francis has declared it a Jubilee Year. This means the Holy Door of St. Peter's Basilica will be open (it's only open on Jubilee Years), and there may be other special events planned throughout the year. The "Holy Year of Mercy," as the pope declared it, begins on December 8, 2015 and runs through November 20, 2016.
  • Trajan’s Column – Reading an Ancient Comic Strip
    Even if you saw the article in National Geographic about Trajan's Column, & even if you've already put the pull-out poster on your wall, don't miss NatGeo's fantastic interactive graphic about the column. It's high-tech wizardry, bringing this "ancient comic strip" to life.
  • Visitors may be able ‘live’ Caesar’s day
    New 3D glasses at the Roman Forum may soon be introduced, giving visitors an "augmented reality" experience. Cool, no?
  • Top Italian Proverbs About Wine
    If you, like me, love how popular sayings in one culture are found in others with slightly different touchstones, then you'll love this list of wine-centric Italian proverbs. My favorite is #2 on this list.
  • Battle of bells between mayor, priest
    A priest in and the mayor of a town on the Italian Riviera are at a stand-off. The mayor wants the priest to tone down the church bells – a ban on bell ringing between 10pm-7am has been threatened. The priest says if the mayor carries through on his threat, he'll register formal complaints against noisy summer festivals. So, who's going to blink first?

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