Italy Travel News: February 20 – March 11

Here’s a round-up of the latest Italy travel news and information for February 20 through March 11:

  • Prepare for euro-dollar parity – and fast

    As of March 11, €1 was worth just over $1.05, and analysts expect parity with the US dollar pretty soon.

    US travelers, if you're not already planning a trip to Italy – or anywhere else in Europe, for that matter – the main question is WHY NOT?

  • The Islamic State threatens to come to Rome; Italians respond with travel advice
    There's no denying the serious threat of ISIL… And yet, these Italian responses on social media to ISIL's declaration that it's "coming to Rome" are delightfully irreverent.
  • US tourists caught carving names into Rome’s Colosseum

    This is just appalling. I can't believe anyone would think that such blatant acts of vandalism would even be remotely okay, that someone would intentionally damage an ancient building for a moment of vanity.

    I love how accessible many of Italy's ancient monuments are – that we can walk right up to these centuries-old structures and lay our hands on stones laid all those years ago – but episodes like this make me wonder if we'd all be better off if these historic monuments were behind velvet ropes.

  • Video: The Sikhs who make Italy’s famous Grana Padano cheese
    This is really wonderful. In a country that has such a xenophobic reputation, to see an immigrant community acknowledged by Italians as having saved a local economy is quite something. Grab a cup of something delicious & settle in for this 20-minute video. It's well worth your time.
  • Dutch firm offers to restore Rome after riot
    A Dutch restoration firm has offered its services to help deal with damage caused by fans of the Feyenoord soccer team during a late February trip to Rome. The firm says they and the rest of the Netherlands were really embarrassed by what happened, and they want to do what they can to make it right.
  • Monster catfish which looks big enough to swallow a man whole caught in Italy
    This monstrous fish – weighing in a nearly 280 pounds – was pulled out of the Po River after a 40-minute fight. Seriously, you have to open this article and look at the picture. It's unbelievably big.
  • Sinkhole opens up in Naples street causing 380 people to be evacuated
    The damage here is awful, and I'm also thankful that the sinkhole didn't open underneath a building that might have been swallowed…
  • Italian anger over English-language slogans used to promote Rome and country’s navy
    Some Italians are upset at the new advertising campaigns for the city of Rome and the Marina Militare (Italy's Navy), both of which are in English rather than Italian.
  • Italy lays claim to inventing fish and chips and bringing it to the UK
    Italy can rightly claim inventing lots of favorite foods, but fish & chips? That might be a little bit of a stretch – and yet that's not stopping Rome from telling its schoolkids that Venetian immigrants to the UK are really the ones to credit with England's quintessential dish.
  • Narni challenges Rieti as centre Italy
    Two towns that are just over 31 miles apart are evidently now fighting over the title of the center of Italy. One has been known as "Italy's belly button" since ancient times, but the other says it has modern geography on its side.

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