Italy Travel News: July 24 – August 20

Isole - by Daniele Testa (creative commons)

Isole – by Daniele Testa (creative commons)

Here’s a round-up of the latest Italy travel news and information for July 24 through August 20:

  • Italy’s Lost Decade
    Italy is in the midst of a "triple-dip recession." The chart included here – not to mention the news itself – is really depressing.
  • Venice Like You’ve Never Seen Before
    "The Venice Time Machine wants to digitize the city’s vast archive and create a 1,000-year evolving model of it." The enormous archive, dating back to a 9th century will in which a woman leaves 30 baskets of olives to her family upon her death, will eventually be online for anyone to peruse. That's fantastic enough. What's particularly wonderful, however, is that old documents such as architectural plans can actually be used to create a 3D model of the city of Venice as it existed 1000 years ago. Virtual Venice, circa 11th century? Yes, please.
  • Colosseum for Days
    Do you love Rome's most famous monument? Then check out the #colosseumfordays hashtag on Instagram to see the Colosseum through other eyes, especially as it's in the midst of a massive cleaning & restoration project. The old stones are looking mighty pretty these days…
  • The final voyage
    More than two years – TWO YEARS – after the Costa Concordia ran aground near the Tuscan island of Giglio, the ship carcass is finally no longer part of the coastal scenery. The wreck is destined for dismantling in Genoa.
  • Revolution at the Museum
    So, umm, anyone wanna take over running the Uffizi Gallery?
  • Pope Francis Excommunicates the Calabrese Mafia
    So, the Pope just basically excommunicated the entire Mafia. I seriously cannot get enough of this guy.
  • Missed in History: La Scala Opera House
    I love the Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast – I often learn something that I’ve never even heard of before – so I was excited to hear the recent episode about Milan’s famous “La Scala” opera house. I knew a few of the tidbits, but there’s plenty in here for even an opera fan to learn. You can go straight to the link above for the podcast, to download it or listen online, or you can listen right here to the I Heart Radio version below.

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