Italy Travel News: November 26 – December 31

Here’s a round-up of the latest Italy travel news and information for November 26 through December 31:

  • Pope Francis makes scathing critique of Vatican officials in Curia speech
    Umm, WHOA.

    "The Argentinian pontiff used a traditional Christmas greeting on Monday to the cardinals, bishops and priests who run the Holy See to portray a church hierarchy that had lost its humanity at times, a body consumed by narcissism and excessive activity, where men who are meant to serve God with optimism instead presented a hardened, sterile face to the world."

    "Chief among the pope’s list of sins was the “terrorism of gossip”, which he said could “kill the reputation of our colleagues and brothers in cold blood”. He denounced the “pathology of power” that afflicts those who seek to enhance themselves above all else, and the “spiritual Alzheimer’s” that has made leaders of the Catholic church forget they are supposed to be joyful."

  • The BitterSweet Life: A Rome-based Podcast Exploring the Mirth and Chagrin of Living Life as an Expat
    I've finally caught up on all the episodes of this podcast – 43 so far – and I think if you're interested in living in Italy or have experience living as an expat (probably anywhere) you'll find it as interesting as I have. The podcasters are Tiffany, who's been in Rome for almost 10 years, & Katy, who's only there for a year. It's a good mix of Italy-specific stuff & more overarching thoughts on what it means to exist outside your home culture.
  • Italy Gasps as Inquiry Reveals Mob’s Long Reach
    "Even for a country where corruption is taken for granted as a part of daily life, the revelations have stunned citizens — for uncovering a wholly new criminal ring smack in the heart of the capital, and for the staggering array of charges involving politicians across the spectrum."
  • Rome cyclists paint their own cycle track
    What do you do when city officials in Rome won't get their act together to create a bike lane through a busy (and dangerous) tunnel? You paint your own, of course.
  • Map of Italian Wine Regions
    I love wine, I love Italy, & I love maps. It's a done deal that I love this. But it's more than a pretty face – it tells you what wine to look for where in Italy, & as a bonus it's a lovely piece of frameable art.
  • Porsche held corporate event at Sistine Chapel

    Apparently Pope Francis will let private events rent out the Vatican Museums – including the Sistine Chapel – but only if all the proceeds from said events go toward charities for the poor and homeless. In October, Porcshe became the first company to hold an event in the Sistine Chapel, where attendees paid €5,000 each to hear a concert in the chapel, along with attending a dinner in the museum itself.

    via Italofile

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