NEW Italy Explained Book: Gelato

Remember when I was so happy about publishing my first book, Italy Explained: Italian Trains, but then immediately realized I wanted to write more so I could fill up my Amazon author page? Well, I’ve started to chip away at all that white space – my second book is now available in the Amazon store.


Italy Explained: Gelato was much more delicious to write, though I confess that I might have given in to my sweet tooth temptations more often while writing this book than the trains book. I’ve packed everything I know and love about gelato into this guide, which will serve you well as a primer before you go to Italy and as an on-the-ground reference during your trip to help decipher what those Italian gelato flavors mean.

I want to thank everyone who got a copy of Italy Explained: Italian Trains – seeing those numbers constantly tick up made me even more motivated to write Italy Explained: Gelato. I want to also ask anyone who has either of the books to please leave a review on Amazon. Indie authors like me don’t have big publishing houses or marketing departments to get the word out about our books – we rely on reviews and word-of-mouth. So if you have a moment, I would deeply appreciate a review. Thank you so much!

I’ve already added a page and a link in the Italy Explained store, and the book is linked on Goodreads, too.

Thank you again for reading!

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