Top 10 Italy Explained Posts of 2016

Here we are, at the top of another calendar, with so much possibility ahead of us… But before we get too far into 2017, I want to take one last look back at 2016 – namely, to review the top 10 most popular articles on Italy Explained over the past year.

I am not surprised to note that many of 2016’s popular articles also made 2015’s list – they’re evergreen bits of information that will always come in handy when you’re planning an Italy trip. Maybe I’ll have to come up with a list of my favorite articles from the past year, even if they weren’t the most popular… But for now, without further ado, here are your favorite articles from 2016, from #10 to #1.

Happy New Year!

Top 10 creative commons graphic by iabusa

Top 10 creative commons graphic by iabusa

Most Popular Italy Explained Articles of 2016

10. Traveling to Italy in December: What You Need to Know

Maybe it’s because there’s more uncertainty about visiting Italy in the winter. Maybe it’s because I recently wrote about why visiting Italy in the winter is awesome. For whatever reason, you’re keen on knowing what Italy in December is all about.

9. Traveling to Italy in January: What You Need to Know

Whereas Italy in December has holiday fun to go along with the cold weather, January… Doesn’t. So, yeah, there’s even more reason to do your research before a January trip to Italy. (Good for you!)

8. Italian Gelato Flavors: What You Need to Know

This? This is important pre-trip research. Don’t forget to pick up a copy of my book, ITALY EXPLAINED: GELATO to take with you, too.

7. History of the Word “Ciao” & Why You Shouldn’t Say it in Italy

“Ciao” has such an interesting history, and it’s just this kind of backstory that makes learning a language so fascinating to me. Obviously plenty of you feel the same way! I’d like to do more language nerdery articles this year. What words or sayings intrigue you?

6. Shopping in Italy: 2016 Winter & Summer Sales Dates

The annual sales seasons in Italy are a big tourism draw, I knew that before… I didn’t realize how big, however, until the dates for 2016’s sales weren’t terribly easy to find. I haven’t done the math, but I may have gotten more questions about 2016 sales dates than anything else this past year. Which is why I eventually wrote an article about it.

5. Day Trips from Milan

This was a popular article last year, too, which I chalked up to the Milan Expo – but it’s still popular this year, long after the Expo finished. My new theory is that since it’s such a major transportation hub many people decide to spend a day or two either right when they arrive in Italy or before they leave, and (unlike Rome or Venice or Florence) the list of things to do in Milan isn’t necessarily as well-known or interesting. So? Day trip. Which is a great option.

4. Jubilee Year 2016: What You Need to Know About the Holy Year of Mercy

The Jubilee of Mercy drew almost 4 million people, according to the Vatican, so it surprises me not in the least that so many of you turned to my enormous Jubilee Year article for information. I added to it after I visited the Vatican myself, walking through the Holy Door without a reservation, to give it more of an “on the ground” element. Some of this information is, of course, no longer valid now that the Jubilee Year is over – and some of it can still be handy for visiting the Vatican in general.

3. Italy Itinerary: One Week in Italy

Maybe you don’t have a full two weeks (or more) to devote to your vacation, and maybe you’re spending time in another country in addition to Italy. Whatever the reason, you’re reading my itinerary suggestions for spending one week in Italy with more frequency. It was #5 last year, and it’s #3 this year.

2. Italy Itinerary: A Perfect Two Weeks

I will be surprised if this article ever leaves the top 10, frankly, given that it’s such a good starting point. A two-week trip to Italy is, for many, the ideal amount of time (coupled with the exact number of vacation days Americans tend to get), and since this is almost exactly the first trip I ever took in Italy I’m confident that it’ll suit a lot of you, too.

1. Shopping in Italy: Official Winter & Summer Sales

You shopaholics, you! I hope you found something spectacular at one of the sales. Let me know in the comments. And incidentally, y’all are consistent – this was the #1 article last year, too!

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