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About Me

My name is Jessica, and I’m an Italophile.

I had traveled a bit before my first trip to Italy in 2001, but Italy lodged itself in my heart like no place before or since. There are a million things to love about Italy, and yet my favorite thing about it remains the chaos. I firmly believe it has helped shape who I am as a traveler and a person. Italy teaches me to accept that life is unpredictable and you always need a Plan B. And a Plan C. And the ability to chuck the notion of planning out the window altogether. (That last bit has proved useful on multiple occasions.)

I’ve been writing about Italy travel since 2007, helping to educate travelers on the vagaries of Italian culture so they can focus more on enjoying their trips and less on wondering whether they’re missing something or doing it wrong. From personal experience, I know that there are few things more satisfying as a traveler than the sense of accomplishment you get after planning a trip on your own, executing that plan, and – perhaps most important – being able to make decisions on the fly. I love helping other travelers achieve that high.

I want you to own your trip.

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I want you to be empowered enough to plan your own trip without turning the reins over to someone else. I want you to go into your travels with a swagger that says you’re confident enough to choose a restaurant, use the automated train ticket machine, and navigate the subway system. I want you to feel that confidence not because you know everything – no one does – but because you know enough to make an educated decision and to change plans if your first choice doesn’t work out.

I’m not your trip planner – I’m your travel cheerleader. I believe in teaching travelers to fish. If you want to learn, you’re in the right place.