Italy Travel News: January 5 – January 23

Here’s a round-up of the latest Italy travel news and information for January 5 through January 23:

  • Words emerge from ancient scrolls charred during eruption of Vesuvius

    "Ancient scrolls that were burned black and buried in ash from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius nearly two thousand years ago have begun to give up their secrets. Researchers in Italy used a powerful x-ray procedure to read out the first words from two of the Roman scrolls, which belong to the only library to have survived from the ancient world."

    Utterly gobsmacking…

  • Eye on Italy Episode 58: Dream of Venice with Charles Christopher

    Some of you may know that years ago I co-hosted an Italy podcast called "Eye on Italy." Well, we're back, & our new episode is an interview with the photographer behind the "Dream of Venice" book – Charles Christopher.

    I loved his story of falling in love with a Venice bridge at the age of 14, & you will never guess what city he says is a lot like Venice.

    I hope you enjoy this episode – if you didn't listen to Eye on Italy before, there are 57 other episodes in the archives to catch up on! And don't forget to subscribe via iTunes or your podcast player so you'll get new ones automatically.

  • 10 Quotes About Italy that Make it Even More Irresistible
    I'm not sure these quotes make Italy itself any more irresistible (is that even possible?), but they're all lovely – and they've been set against beautiful Italy images, too.
  • Sicily bridge collapses within days of opening
    Usually, when you hear a major public works project is ahead of schedule by three months, that's cause for celebration. With the Scorciavacche viaduct bridge in Sicily, however, it probably meant even more dodgy construction than one might expect. The bridge collapsed a mere 10 days after opening.

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