Night Tours in Italy: Beat the Heat

Colosseum at Night || creative commons photo by Flicka

Colosseum at Night || creative commons photo by Flicka

Summer in Italy can be really, really hot – and summer-like weather often extends beyond the calendar confines of the season, making May and September (and sometimes April and October) feel like an inferno. But, troopers that we tourists are, we still spend all day sightseeing because we’ve gotta check off all the things on our to-do list.

Well, luckily for those of us who prefer not to melt on cobblestone streets, there are are night tours in some Italian cities and at some attractions. No, it won’t exactly be “chilly” after dark on a hot summer day, but it’ll be cooler than if you embarked on a midday tour – and you won’t have the relentless sun beating you into submission the whole time, either.

I’m highlighting just a few of the night tours in Italy that I’ve found on a variety of tour provider sites, but there are more where these came from. And if you’re curious, yes – these are affiliate links, which means I get a little something when you book, but it won’t cost you any extra. Thanks for your support.

Night Tours in Rome

Rome‘s ancient ruins don’t offer much in the way of shade, so evening visits are especially good news. They’re not unknown tours, so you won’t be the only people visiting the Colosseum, for instance – but the crowds are likely to be somewhat reduced as compared to a daytime tour.

Here’s just a sample of what tours are available in Rome after dark.

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Night Tours in Florence

While Florence has become a city that essentially doesn’t have an off-season anymore, sightseeing after dark gives you a shot at avoiding the worst of the crowds. And that’s just the bonus after the slightly cooler temperatures.

Here are some Florence night tours from which to choose.

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Night Tours in Venice

Venice quiets down considerably as the evening comes, largely because of the day trippers who head back to the train station or cruise terminal at the end of the day. The city doesn’t tend to get as hot as cities further inland, but evening is still a glorious time for sightseeing – or a romantic gondola ride.

Here are a few night tours in Venice to consider.

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Night Tours in Naples

The further south you go in Italy, the warmer it tends to be. In Naples, then, an evening tour is sometimes even more welcome than it is in the north. Plus, if you’re at all nervous about going out in Naples at night by yourself, this is a great way to see the city’s vibrant nightlife in the comfort of a guided tour.

Here are a few of your Naples night tour options.

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Night Tours in Milan

Aperitivo is now found all over Italy, but Milan is where it all started. In other words, evening tours in Milan are not only a good way to avoid the heat of midday, they’re also an opportunity to mingle with the locals during their prime social hours.

Here are a few Milan night tours you might like.

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3 responses to “Night Tours in Italy: Beat the Heat”

  1. Good advice. I find the monuments so much more atmospheric at night. I know that it isn’t as easy to get a good photo, but everything seems so much more beautiful. Perhaps, it’s because, as you say, you don’t have the sun beating down on you and your feet aren’t swollen from the heat. I don’t know if they have specific night tours, but I remember viewing the temples of Agrigento in the evening and it was spectacular. It was in the winter, so I think it was just dark early, but I really enjoyed seeing them illuminated.

    • Jessica says:

      I think some of the monuments have tours specifically at night, in addition to general sightseeing tours. And I agree, during the summer especially, it feels like such a relief to be able to linger at a place without constantly looking around for shade!

  2. What a fantastic idea! I have copied your list and will be sure to use it the next time I am in Italy. Grazie mille for including all of the larger cities!

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