Italy Explained: Trains

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Italy Explained Books

You’ll find Italy Explained ebooks available on Amazon in the Kindle Store. There are Kindle apps for pretty much every smart mobile device known to man (and a few not-so-smart ones besides), and even without a Kindle or Kindle app you can open Kindle ebooks on your computer and print out what you need. This is why Italy Explained ebooks are sold through Amazon.

  • Italy Explained: Italian Trains

I’ve got a list of more Italy Explained ebooks in the works – want to throw something into the suggestion box? Let me know what you want me to write about!

Italy Books & Travel Items I Love

Besides my own Italy Explained ebooks, here are some Italy travel guidebooks, books set in Italy, and useful travel items that you may find handy when you’re planning an Italy trip. Everything is linked in the store window below, and for a little explanation of why each item made it onto my list, keep scrolling down.

Italy Travel Books

These are some of the books about traveling in Italy that I like and use myself. Some are, sadly, out of print and can be difficult to find – I list them here so that if you happen to come across one in a used bookstore you know to snap it up quickly!

* These books are out of print. My very favorite is “Hungry Traveler: Italy” – even after all these years, I don’t travel in Italy without it. If you can find it in a used bookstore, grab it. Lonely Planet’s “World Food Italy” is a good substitute, although the “World Food” series is another that’s out of print. It may be easier to find used than “Hungry Traveler: Italy.” The “Marling Menu Master: Italy” doesn’t have nearly the regional or seasonal food insights as the other two, but it’s a decent menu decoder that’s still in print, making it infinitely easier to find.